How to Make a Child Genius or Shortcut

How to Make a Child Genius

How to Make a Child Genius or ShortcutThere are several ways to make children genius or shortcut. Indeed, to make the child a genius or a shortcut that many people suffer this, because it can make parents can be proud of and also make a bright future could be six, because the child has a very clever idea and the child would be able to absorb what is in learn it quickly. For that many Indonesian communities eager to make kids clever and genius. For how you can see below how to make a child genius or smart:

1. Playing a game that thinks

Example: chess, crossword puzzles and sudoku. supporting children’s thinking strategies.

2. Playing music

Example: Playing music in addition to fun also can stimulate the growth of the right brain.

3. Familiarize exercise

Example: The more fit the child’s body, the ability to accept the lesson is also increasing.

4. Provide a healthy breakfast

Example: eating a healthy breakfast will increase memory and concentration of children in learning.

5. Developing curiosity

Example: that stimulates children to think. Teach children new skills and education outside the home also can develop a child’s curiosity and intellectual.

6. Getting rid of fast food

Example: trans fats from prepared foods and replacing them with highly nutritious foods that are good for early childhood mental development and function in motor development of children aged 1-2 years at first.

7. Culture of reading

Example: This can begin with children often read fairy tales before bed and it often gives the child a gift book that could attract attention.

8. Teaches self-confidence

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