How to Tie and Wear a Womans Scarf Many Fashionable Ways

When it comes to accessorizing that special outfit, the scarf is the one item you want to have in your wardrobe. The scarf is the perfect accessory as it can add pizzaz to any outfit from the perfect little black dress to a business suit or your favorite T-shirt and jeans outfit. The scarf can add a sensational look making even the plainest outfit into a fabulous fashion hit. You should try to have a variety of scarves such as the pashmina, cashmere, fleece, silk and the scarf belt, then you will be ready for any occasion.

Scarves Can be Worn Many Places on the Body Besides Your Neck
There are numerous ways to wear a scarf, making it a very versatile accessory. Wear it around your neck, tied, knotted or draped. Wear a scarf around head to keep your hair in place or around your waist as a belt. Wear a large scarf around your shoulders as a shawl.If you really feel like “tying one on” try tying a silk scarf around your hips. Just by tying a scarf around your hips, like a scarf belt, you can make your waist look smaller. You can achieve this look very easily by folding a long oblong scarf into the desired width, draping it around your hips and positioning it as a sash. Adjust it as you like. Let it hang down asymmetrically drawing the eye downward to produce a smaller looking waist.

How to Tie a Silk Scarf Around Your Neck
Of course, the traditional way to wear a scarf is around the neck. A fashion statement can be made by tying your scarf in creative ways. Try tying a small square scarf around your neck as a choker or a longer oblong scarf can be knotted in front and hang straight down. The smaller silk (many times can be found in washable silk) scarves look great with a scarf pin to secure them in place. Use a crystal brooch, ring or scarf pin that is all the rage now to hold your scarf in the front. The scarf clips are great to use. Shell scarf holders that you can find at your beach resort gift shops are great options as well. These are just a few ways to hold that perfect designer silk scarf in place. If you don’t have a scarf pin or brooch, try wearing that long oblong scarf in the Grace Kelly style by holding it across the front of our neck and then bringing one end around to fall done your right front side and then bring other end around your neck to fall down your left front side. This is a great way to wear those designer silk scarves that are so light and airy now days. They are great for summer and spring. Another way to wear the long oblong scarf is just drape it around your neck and shoulders and then let it hang down dramatically in front.

How to Wear a Winter Cashmere Scarf and Keep Warm
For winter wear your wool or cashmere scarf and get extra warmth around your neck , by folding the long oblong scarf in half and positioning around your neck with the two ends on one side and the fold of scarf on your other side. Next take the two ends and slip thru the fold of the scarf. By pulling on the two ends you can tighten the scarf as you like around your neck. If it is really cold out you can tuck these ends into your coat for added warmth or if you want a fashionable look then fan the two ends out as desired. This looks great for the thinner summer scarves for a more fashionable look. The knitted scarf is great to wear this way too and often comes with matching gloves to complete your outfit. Usually the knitted scarf is just worn by looping it around your neck.

Tying a Scarf to Make a Hair Accessory and Keep Your Hair Style in Place
A large square scarf can be folded in half forming a triangle that can then be tied around your neck loosely to hang dramatically off one shoulder. Then of course there is always the head that can be covered with the larger square scarf. Hold your hair in place while riding in your convertible this summer by using a light weight chiffon or silk scarf. You can either tie the scarf in front under your chin or try tying it in the back of your head. A smaller scarf can also be folded to a create an hair ban. Another way to wear the square scarf is as a Turban. Fold the square into a triangle and fold edge under over the forehead. Take the two ends to the back and cross them over each other bringing them again to the front to tie on top of the head. You can then tuck in the ends or any loose fabric and adjust as you desire. Be creative with your scarf tying and have fun trying out the many different ways to wear your fashion scarves.


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