Jiah upset with Aamir

When Jiah Khan signed a big budget film opposite Aamir Khan, she was ecstatic. Aamir who was bowled over by her acting skills in her debut film had chosen her over Kangna Ranaut. Ayesha Takia and even Priyanka Chopra. She knew she had touched gold when she signed on Ghajini.
But Jiah was in for a very huge disappointment. Her big dreams have come crashing down as Aamir has kept her completely out of Ghajini’s promotions and publicity. In fact, rubbing salt on her wounds, Aamir is going berserk promoting Jiah’s co-actress in the film South Indian actress Asin, saying that people will be stunned when they see her on screen.
Sources close to the Jiah say that she has been forced to do her own promotion and publicity, “Jiah has an important role in the film but she features nowhere in the film’s promos nor has she shot for any of the film’s posters. Whereas, Asin’s song is all over the television channels and her pictures are being distributed all over. In addition to all this, Aamir even got Gul Panag replaced with Asin in a television commercial opposite him. Aamir also put in a word for the actress for a Walt Disney film. All this has definitely hurt Jiah.”
Apparently Jiah voiced her grievances to the producer of her film, following which they have shot a special song for her. When contacted, the otherwise politically correct Jiah revealed, “I don’t care if they are promoting Asin; anyways it’s her Bollywood debut and I’m already an established actress!”
Does Jiah think that her work in Nishabd could qualify her in the league of established actress? When asked if she was upset with being side-lined in the film’s publicity, Jiah says, “I don’t think about all these things, maybe this is their marketing strategy. If someone does anything bad to me, then I just leave it to God and do my own thing!”
Jiah’s hurt is visible. A close friend of the actress reveals, “Jiah was offered the lead role in Salman Khan’s Wanted Dead Or Alive but she couldn’t sign this film because Aamir had asked her not to do any films till his was complete. Furthermore, Aamir even asked her not to talk about the film or about her role and to keep a low profile! So Jiah could not be in the public eye till the film was complete.
She knew that Aamir had replaced Kangana when he found out that she was communicating with the Press. Aamir expects utter secrecy from his cast and crew. Matters did not help Jiah when the film kept getting delayed for various reasons. If Jiah had got her due publicity for the film by Aamir, it all may have been worth the two-year wait. She was expecting to be a part of the big promotions prior to the release of the film. She got a shock when she found that she was no where in the picture. It was only Asin, Asin and Asin. She felt betrayed that even after she had obeyed all the rules of keeping away from the media while shooting for the film, she was totally ignored when her film was to be released.” Naturally Jiah thinks that after so much of a sacrifice she has got a raw deal.

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