Lighten and brighten your skin with fruits

A fruit mask will naturally exfoliate your skin with fruit acids. It will also have the effect of lightening and brightening your skin. We have chosen to use grapes and raspberries but you can choose any fruit or even any vegetables for this recipe. Simply use whatever is in season; don’t forget the fruit does not need to be fresh, so you could use frozen fruit just as well. However make sure frozen fruit is thawed before using with this face mask.

  • Strawberries – for sallow or oily skin
  • Lettuce – skin softening
  • Carrots – anti-aging and full of vitamin A
  • Grapes – firming and softening
  • Apples – smooths and brightens
  • Cucumber – soothing
  • Raspberries – exfoliates
  • Tomato – for blackheads and to brighten dull skin
  • Peach – softens and unblocks pores
  • Bananas – moisturizes
  • Oatmeal will help to absorb oil and leave your skin soft
  • Almonds are used for their healing properties

Fruity Face Mask

  • 25g finely ground oatmeal
  • 25g finely ground almonds
  • 25g grapes
  • 25g raspberries

Mix all the ingredients together until the mixture is soft and mushy. Pour in a little cold water to form a paste. If you have added too much water then add a little more oatmeal. Apply to the face and neck area and leave for 25-30 minutes

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