lips makeup formulation

Lip Makeup Formulations

lips makeup formulationThere are several different types of lip makeup formulations. Each gives a different look and feel. What you choose with be based on what look you want, if you’re lips are thin, full, aging, dry, or you have any areas that need correcting.

Here are the top ones –

Lipstick – You can find lipstick in matte, cream, sheer, shimmer, or frost formulas. Pick a shade that works right out of the tube or combine 2 different colors and make your own. If you have small , thin or aging lips, stick with lighter shades and use a sheer, shimmer or frost formula or a lip gloss over the top and your lips will look full.

Lip Gloss or Lip Plumper- Comes in clear or colored and happens to be the easiest lip makeup to apply. Leaves lips with extreme shine and moisture, but has to be reapplied a lot. This is for all age groups and gives those with small, thin or dry lips a huge boost and can correct the problem by fooling the eye. Lip plumper’s are gloss with an added ingredient that causes the lip to plump up and look even more full. If you want full, moist looking lips, this product is for you.

Tint or Stain – High pigment that lasts a long time. They come in matte and sheer formulas. Some brands are dry, while others are sheer like a balm and moisturize the lips. Most brands have a sunscreen included. These will actually stain your lips so use just a tiny bit. Some tints and stains have lead included so read the labels buyer beware.

Balm – Balms come in clear or tinted formulas and come in tube or roll on. They soften the lips and help repair while adding a hint of color. Many brands include a sunscreen to protect. Great for those who want a natural look without a lot of pigment.

Chubby Pencil – Just a very wide lip pencil that’s made to line the lips and fill them in like a lipstick. These are usually creamier than lip liners because they have to go on like a lipstick. They come in matte and cream formulas.

Now let’s move to the coverage.

Lip Makeup Coverage

Each lip makeup formula comes in a certain coverage. What type you’ll use depends on what your lips look like now and if you need to play up or play down your lips.

Matte – Intense coverage with no shine. It stays put and wont smear. This formula can be dry, but it stays on a long time. Those with dry or aging lips should avoid matte lip color.

Cream – Has emollients added and is extremely moist, but not shiny. It wears really well and isn’t dehydrating. Perfect for those with dry or aging lips.

Sheer – Pigment mixed with gel. Glossy, but sheer. You can see the natural lips underneath so the coverage isn’t very dramatic. Lasts longer than gloss, but not as long as cream lipstick. Great for those who want a natural looking lip with a hint of shine.

Frost or Shimmer – This gives a shiny, pale, metallic appearance. The lips can appear a bit dry and this isn’t great for those with dry lips because the metallic draws the eye to dry areas and makes them appear worse.

Gloss – High shine and the most dramatic . Comes in clear and colors.


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