Lose Weight Without Dieting or Diet Pills

Lose Weight Without Dieting or Diet Pills

Lose Weight Without Dieting or Diet Pills How would you like to lose weight without dieting, diet pills, liposuction, or medications? Anyone can lose weight naturally if they have the ambition to do so. Dieting is not a natural way to lose weight. There are many diet programs that claim to make you lose weight, but it’s only a temporary solution. Most dieters put the weight back on. And here’s why.

Weight loss is all about lifestyle and eating habits. Does it feel like you eat very little, and watch your calorie intake, but still aren’t losing weight? In fact you’re gaining weight? That’s because your metabolism is slow, you’re not burning calories, and are eating the wrong foods. It doesn’t take energy to sit at a desk job or stand behind a counter. But that’s not your fault-you have to go to work, right? Besides finding a physical activity you like, here is what else you can do.

Eat Only Fruit for Breakfast

Did you know it’s recommended to eat five servings of fruit in a twenty-four hour period? Most people only eat one piece of fresh fruit daily. But eating five servings is the most beneficial to your health. Eating two slices of cantaloupe or two apples at one sitting doesn’t qualify for two servings either. They must be separated by at least twenty minutes so as to give the fruit a chance to digest in the body, with the exception of the starchy banana, which takes about a half hour to digest.

Eating only fruit for breakfast gives your body a much-needed rest. It’s best to eat fruit on an empty stomach. Eating fruit on a full stomach turns the fruit acidic in the gut and causes IBS symptoms. Fruit is where we get many of our antioxidants and if it is eaten with other foods the nutrients do not absorb into the bloodstream efficiently. Bottom line is eating fruit mixed with other food is pretty much valueless to the body.

All-You-Can-Eat Vegetable Soup and Salad

Eating all-you-can-eat vegetable soup and salad is a wonderful lunch if, you skip the white flour breadsticks and creamy dressings. Other than that, eat until your heart, or better said, stomach is content. Olive oil and apple cider vinegar or lemon makes a tasty dressing.

Home cooked soups made with vegetables, beans or lentils are excellent choices for lunch. Bring them to work with you. Eat all you want. There is no need to leave the table hungry. Brown rice stir-fries made with fresh veggies are so good for you. Try substituting the wonderful condiment called Liquid Aminos for the soy sauce-it tastes just as good but is so much better for your health. It’s all I use.

Factory-generated denatured food is what causes weight gain, toxic buildup and disease! If you want to lose weight naturally, get rid of the refined food products and go all-natural. Try to not eat foods that have been stripped of their purity. If it is made with white flour, sugar, and trans fats and oils it is NOT good for you and is the main cause of weight gain! Have a sweet tooth? Make your own baked goods using whole-wheat flour and natural sugars. There is no need to deprive yourself or family of sweet tasting goodies.

Half of Your Daily Calories Should Come From Whole Grains

Understand there are so many foods that are healthy, and eating a variety of these foods ensures that you are getting a well balanced diet. Some of the top food choices for losing weight and maintaining an ideal weight are whole grains such as brown rice, barley, whole-wheat products, rolled oats, millet, dried peas and beans, nuts and seeds. Eat all you want of these foods-they will keep you satisfied longer than refined grains do.

Other top food choices for a natural diet are vegetables raw, quickly sauted, or lightly steamed. Dark leafy greens, cabbage, kale, mustard greens, kohlrabi, rutabagas, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts are especially good for you. Eat until you are satisfied. It is recommended to eat five to six servings of vegetables every day. There is no eed to go hungry, eat up!

Eating fresh fish, turkey, or chicken twice a week baked, grilled, or broiled is also perfectly fine when trying to lose weight naturally. Substituting ground turkey in dishes that call for ground beef is an excellent way to replace all the fat and calories. No matter how you slice it, opt for the whole, natural foods and you will lose weight without dieting. You can be in control of your weight and health by taking control today!


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