LUX Style Awards for the year 2004

Unilever Pakistan formally announced , that the prestigious LUX Style Awards 2004 will be held on the April 24, 2004 and revealed the Viewers’ Choice Nominations.

LUX is a leading Pakistani soap brand. An icon of beauty, LUX has always been associated with film stars, style, and skin care. The LUX Style Awards is a logical continuation of LUX’s close association with glamour and allows it to strengthen its image in an exciting and involved way.

In 2004, the total number of awards is 15, out of which seven are “Viewers’ Choice Awards” and eight are “Judges Choice Awards”.

An independent Board of Governors, comprising 17 individuals of high professional and social standing has evaluated, and shortlisted portfolios submitted in the Viewers’ Choice Categories.

The Final winner, for the Viewers’ Choice awards will be decided by the general public. The public will vote through the LUX Style Awards website, email, mail, 0900#, and other means of on-ground activities.

The nominations for the Viewers’ Choice Awards are:

Best TV Serial, Channel

1- Ambulance, Indus TV
2- Harjaee, Indus TV
3- Mehndi, PTV
4- Seeli Barish, Geo
5- Thori Si Mohabbat, Geo

Best TV Actor, Channel

1- Abid Ali – Mehndi, PTV
2- Faisal Qureshi – Harjaee, Indus TV
3- Faisal Qureshi – Umrao Jan, Geo
4- Humayun Saeed – Mehndi, PTV
5- Sajid Hassan – Ishq Aatish, Geo

Best TV Actress, Channel

1- Aaminah Haq – Mehndi, PTV
2- Bushra Ansari – Umrao Jan, Geo
3- Sania Saeed – Thori Si Mohabbat, Geo
4- Savera Nadeem – Ibn Adam, ARY
5- Sonia Rehman – Ambulance, Indus TV


1-. Best Music Video (Director)

Best Music Album / Band

1- Ahmed Jahanzeb, Prastish
2- Ali Zafar, Hukka Pani
3- Faakhir, Sub Tun Sohniya
4- Najam Sheraz, Yeh Moamla Koi Aur Hai
5- Strings, Dhaani


Best Film Director

1- Commando, Syed Noor
2- Laaj, Rauf Khalid
3- Larki Punjaban, Syed Noor
4- Pyar hi pyar mein, Fahim Burney
5- Yeh Wadah Raha, Sangeeta

Best Film Actor

1- Ashal, in Pyar hi pyar mein
2- Babar Ali, in Larki Punjaban
3- Shaan, in Commando
4- Shamyl Khan, in Larki Punjaban
5- Talat Hussein, in Laaj

Best Film Actress

1- Meera, in Commando
2- Resham, in Laaj
3- Saima, in Commando
4- Saima, in Larki Punjaban
5- Zara Sheikh, in Laaj


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