Most Desirable Women

What makes a woman truly sexy? Is beauty lies in the eye of the beholder? Are voluptuous curves of sex sirens enough to get them in to the list of the county’s sexiest women? Does showing skin in movies of four dimensions transform many a woman in showbiz or modeling world into a goddess overnight? Check out Diva’s pick of five knee-weakening, lust-worthy, desirable divas of fashion & entertainment industry. You just might go crazy from the heat.

Aaminah haqResham
It takes guts to be Aaminah Haq. Yeah, in more ways than one. She has built a reputation of one who takes everything commonly uncommon and unexpectedly unexpected and turns it around to make it the most talked about fad on the face of the planet. Short girls don’t stand a chance in modeling? She is ruling the roost. Models can’t act to save their lives? Serials after, she won acclaims for her enthralling performance and has also been nominated twice as an actress for Lux Style Awards ( last year and now this year). The sexiest of them all, Aaminah is aware of her power and wears the sex symbol tag with pledge. Talk about eh power of being the best.

When Resham struts her stuff in front of the camera or blazes the silver screen with her fiery presence she blows away half of the population – the male quotient. The other half already is under her spell. Her irresistible come hither looks, has made us all want to quit our jobs. Hit the roads and sign up to be her personal groupies. She wears sexuality on her sleeves which hits you like a thunderbolt and when you recover you realize that she is got moldering looks, come-hither curves and oozing appeal! That can turn men into jelly. Ask any men you meet!

Nadia HussainNadia Hussain
The most capricious, self effacing and most unconventional beauty ever Nadia is fair tall, lean enviable and incredibly sexy in her own raw and earthy way. She knows it you know it and she knows you know and you know she knows. She also has this “I am sexy” expression plastered on her face and Go-Getter outlook towards life in general. Welcome Pakistan’s very own Angelina Jolie. Tried out her hands at acting but didn’t relish it much so this feline female has no plans to inflate her horizons and continue acting. May be her plan is to keep us lusting for more. Ah Nadia – it’s working.

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