Mothers Day Recipes kids can make

Mother’s Day Recipes Kids Can Make All By Themselves

Mothers Day Recipes kids can makeWhy should mom cook on Mother’s Day?

These Mother’s Day recipes are easy enough for kids to make all by themselves. From fruit smoothies to yogurt parfaits to lemon bars, there’s something here for everyone.

Mother’s Day recipe#1 Strawberry Lemonade  

An easy way to impress your mum or guests this Summer with Strawberry lemonade. Check recipe Here.
Mother’s Day recipe#2 Breakfast Frittata

Frittata recipes are an easy alternative to omelettes, because you can cook a breakfast frittata for 4-6 people all at once in the oven, rather than cooking to order. This recipe is made with hash browns, spinach and cheese. Check recipe Here.
Mother’s Day recipe#3 Ice Cream Cone Cannoli

With this recipe, sugar cones replace the cannoli shells. They’re widely available and taste almost like the real thing. And the filling is a snap to prepare. The secret is to make sure you let the ricotta cheese drain well. That’s what makes the filling so creamy.

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