Nail trends for 2013

Nail trends for 2013

Nail Fashion 2013

Staying ahead of the latest trends can be a tricky game, but luckily for you we’ve rounded up the UK’s top nail technicians to fill us in on the latest nail trends for 2013.

From dark ‘n romantic to textured talons, there is a new nail trend to suit everyone’s taste. Us? We can’t wait to get our hands on them all!

So sit back and prepare to become a 2013 nail trend master…

Nail trends for 2013: Heavy metal metallics

Andrea Fulerton, nail technician to the stars, says: “Metallic nails were all over NY fashion week ”  So think gunmetal grey, roughed up gold and coppery bronze and you’re on the right track. Apply all over for maximum metallic impact.

But if a full on metallic nail is not for you, she says: “Try experimenting with this trend without drawing too much attention paint on some diagonal /cornered tips with specks of silver or gold lacquer.”

Now that, sounds cool!

Nail trends for 2013Nail trends for 2013: Monochrome madness

Monochrome was big in fashion land last season (and it’s even bigger this season) and it seems that it’s finally caught on in the world of nail trends! Andrea said: “It’s a minimalist trend that all skin tones and ages can embrace effortlessly.”

You could try all sorts of color combos but we love classic white and black as it’s super striking and screams monochrome.

Nail trends for 2013: New neutrals 

Think the classic French manicure but with a twist. Celebrity nail technician Stephanie Stauntontold us: “This is a nail art back lash as designers bringing it back to classic simplicity. Think palenails in creams or whites.” 

She added: “I like this look as sometimes there is nothing better than feeling natural and well groomed.” Hear hear!

Nail trends for 2013: Terrific texture
We love textured nails so we’re delighted they’re in for 2013! Andrea suggests trying any of the following for an updated 2013 look: “Leather, glitter, 3D pearls, colored stones and studs.”

Aside from adding embellishments to achieve the look you can also use specific textured products. Stephanie suggests trying Nails Inc Concrete or Ciates Caviar or Velvet manicure. She says: “Anything that gives a 3d look to the nail will be rocking this summer.”

Time to get all textured! 
Nail trends for 2013: Dark Romance

Just like the runways, dark ‘n romantic is seeping its way into your life! If in doubt, Stephanie suggests: “Think leather looking: navy and black are a big hit.” So say goodbye prim and proper and hello grunge. And don’t worry, this trend is here to stay, Stephanie told us: “I’m a fan of a glossy black nail and feel it stays a strong trend year in and out.”


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