Reduce Dark Eye Circles

Reduce Dark Eye Circles

Reduce Dark Eye CirclesBut sometimes you forget to take care of the eyes, eyes so blackened and consequently your face also looks haggard. Here’s a trick to avoid a black circle on your beautiful eyes.

Many things are the cause of dark circles under the eyes. Although he was trying to be covered by applying make up, but still ruin the appearance of black color is still clearly visible. Your eyes look glazed, tired and not fresh.

Some of the solutions below may help reduce dark circles on your eyes and make the appearance look more fresh. Getting enough sleep, try to sleep at least 8 hours in a day. Try to sleep when your head is supported by a pillow, this function so that your eyes do not look swollen when you wake up in the morning. Exercise regularly.Some studies say, the circulation is not well become one of the causes of dark circles. The skin under the eyes is so thin and can cause shadows caused by blood vessels that are not smooth.

Apply a moisturizer on your face and give extra attention to the area around the eyes. Dry skin can further accentuate the existing dark circles. Use an eye cream containing vitamin K, because the content can help to minimize dark circles and puffy eyes. Use a sunscreen and moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Sun can cause skin pigment turned into darkness, because it protect the area under your eyes with sunscreen or a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 to reduce the effects of sun exposure.

Apply concealer in the area under the eye with colors close to skin color or one level lighter than your skin. Concealer that are too bright can only make it look more black circles. When the eye makeup, make sure you apply the mascara and eyeliner only on the top of the eye. This is to avoid the black under the eyes more apparent. Also avoid using eyeliner and brown eye shadows, because this color can actually reinforce the dark circles under your eye area.

Most dark circles are caused by allergies or illness. Consult your doctor for this problem to get the right solution


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