Recently released Punjabi flick revolves around four principle characters. The film directed by Madam Sangeeta is a mixed bag, with scenes inspired from many other flicks.

Shaan, the protagonist comes from a small village with his mother and sister to the city to get a job in a factory where his father served his whole life. In the city he meets Laali (Saima) who along with her gang gives protection to the locality. Saima instantly fall in love with Shaan as he saves her life from a rival gang. Saima tries to support the family in order to win the love of Shaan.

One day on the way to the factory Shaan met Reema her college friend who dances in a bar owned by the Nang Bairya (Saud) gang. Reema instantly falls in love with Shaan.

Shaan got trapped in a tangle with Police when he tried to involve Laali’s advisor Meher Baba to get the job, and in the process got into remand with the police. But then after a call from her mother Shaan broke all barriers killed the Seth and save his family.

Nang Bairya was assigned to target Shaan and the Police Officer who was assigned this case for investigation was ASP Sherdil (Babar Ali).

After Nang Bairya killed Meher Baba , Shaan takes his place and start fighting the gang of Nang Bairya.

The movie has many loopholes.

  • Shaan sporting a streaky, spiky hairstyle while he just arrived from the village for the first time.
  • Shaan breaking all barriers and killing all the policemen around and reaching Seth’s home and savin his family.
  • A 15 minute chase scene copied from the movie “True Lies” in which Shaan chases Saud on a horseback while the latter on bike.

Overall Remand was a weak affair and had nothing to offer in terms of novelty or innovation. After watching movies like ‘yeh dil aap ka hua’ and ‘Laaj’ this movie is a total disappointment.

Shaan, Saud and Saima had the bulk of screen presence. Shaan was good in this role and so was Saima. Saud overacted as the villain. Babar Ali was good but loud. Reema had a short role in which she was overshadowed by Saima. Laila had a sexy number in the movie which could help to get some audience in the theater.


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