Rock Bands Rock the Capital

Islamabad got a good healthy dose of rock as Entity Paradigm, Jal, Call and many other bands performed on 13th march 2004 at the opening of the Open Air Theater in the scenic “Shakarpariyan”.

The event was organized by Dream Weaver Productions (known for the highly acclaimed murder mystery musical “8 women” performed at Al Hamra Lahore in December 2003) and the Capital Development Authority. Tickets were affordable at rupees 500 a piece.

Fans poured in to experience the glory of their best-loved bands. The event was extroverted, but sadly there were some moments of disappointment owing to lots of sound problems and technical shortcomings during the performances.

Ali Zafar won many fans. His performance was smashing and invigorating. Even fans who had attended the event to see their favorite rock bands admitted that they now had a niche in their hearts for Ali Zafar’s “Huqa Pani” songs! He no doubt proved himself to be “Rangeen…rangon se bhi ziyada”

Visaal performed as well as could be expected of them. They played Noori’s much loved “Dil ki Kasam”. Visaal made a pretty good effort and did complete justice to the number. Young Asfandyar was amazing with drums, and I am sure no one will be surprised to see him transform into the next “Gumby” (of Noori fame) on the Pakistani rock scene soon!

Jal was quite entertaining as we all expected. There were bad moments, but the band is not to blame, it was mostly owing to all the technical sound problems that kept on popping up! On the other hand, fans were a bit let down by the new vocalist…it simply was not the voice we all drool over in the super “Ab tu aadat si hai mujhko aysay jeenay mein…”

Call’s performance was a bit monotonous. “

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