Sufi Brings MasterChef to Pakistan

Sufi Brings MasterChef to Pakistan

Sufi Brings MasterChef to Pakistan

SUFI’s Master Chef is an online cooking competition that has been designed to celebrate this incredible bond between Sufi and your abilities in the kitchen! Just follow the simplest steps below and show us that you are truly a Master in the kitchen. Our fabulous prizes await you.

  1. Cook a dish using ‘Chicken’ as the main ingredient
  2. Take a clear picture of the dish with any Sufi Oil or Ghee product and type the recipe.
  3. Click on the ‘Help and Guidelines’ tab and read the instructions carefully
  4. Click on ‘Submit your entry’ and upload the picture of the plated dish and the recipe
  5. Like our Facebook page to receive updates on the competition.

Please note that this competition is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 will begin on January 1st 2012 and end on January 31st 2012. In this phase the participants will be required to send in their entries for the competition. Phase 2 will begin from February 14th 2012 and last till February 28th 2012. In this phase, the images of the shortlisted dishes and their recipes will be uploaded on our Facebook page and will be open to voting by the general public. All shortlisted entries will receive our fabulous prizes but the entries with the highest number of votes will receive even better prizes! The results of the competition will be announced once both phases are over. Join our Facebook page for more updates!

*Terms and Conditions Apply:

To read them, click on the ‘Help and Guidelines’ tab.


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