Group exhibition of 38 artists opens at Coopera Art Gallery

LAHORE: A group exhibition of paintings by 38 artists opened at the Coopera Art Gallery on Friday. Most of the paintings displayed at the exhibition were by senior artists of the city. They utilised various media, including watercolour paintings, oil on canvas, and abstract art. The work displayed is both … Read more

The Golden Voice Lives On

In the Ice Candy Man, written in the backdrop of 1947’s Partition, Bapsi Sidhwa wrote: “And the gramophones and speakers mounted on tongas and lorries scratchily, endlessly pouring out the melody of Noor Jehan’s popular film song that is now so strangely apt,” Mere bachpan ke sathi mujhe bhool na … Read more

Louder Than words

The Jami we know from various commercials and videos is broody, elusive and has some phenomenal projects to his credit, like Pal Do Pal, Chaye Chaye, Ankhiyan, Chal Dil Mere, Dhanni, Anjaane and many more. The Jami we don’t know is the man, who likes to speak up his mind, … Read more

Meera claims to perform better than Madhubala as ”Anarkali”

Pakistani film star, Meera has claimed that she will give a better performance than the late Bollywood actress, Madhubala as the enchanting palace maid in a Pakistani serial, ‘Anarkali’. Madhubala had given a memorable performance as the stunning sweetheart of Prince Salim in ‘Mughhal-e-Azam’. ‘Anarkali’ is one of the mega-budgeted … Read more

Being Nabila

Nabila talks in headlines. Most of her talk revolves around Nabila the person, Nabila the professional and Nabila the phenomenon. If at all she ever talks about anything other than Nabila, then it is almost always how Nabila views the world around her. No wonder the media loves her to … Read more

Zeba Bakhtiar – A Constant Struggle

From a cherubic face in “Anarkali” to “The Best Newcomer Female” at the famous FilmFare Awards. From one broken marriage to another. From the director of a Nigar Award nominee for Best Film (Babu) to a normal human being who hates to school in this unbearable heat. Zeba Bakhtiar is … Read more

Anarkali comes to life

It is not clear whether the enchanting story of Anarkali is a myth or reality, but the fact is that this tale has captured the imaginations of nearly all the subcontinent’s big names in the performing arts for the last 100 years. It began in the first half of the … Read more