Louder Than words

The Jami we know from various commercials and videos is broody, elusive and has some phenomenal projects to his credit, like Pal Do Pal, Chaye Chaye, Ankhiyan, Chal Dil Mere, Dhanni, Anjaane and many more. The Jami we don’t know is the man, who likes to speak up his mind, … Read more

Strings hot favorite across the border

Music has a greater influence than cricket, when it comes to improving Indo-Pak relations, believes Faisal Kapadia, lead vocalist of Pakistani band Strings. “In cricket one team wins and the other loses, while in the exchange of music concerts, it’s the audience that wins ultimately,” says he. Faisal alongwith Bilal, … Read more

Strings: Pakistan Pop Bands Continue to Churn out Great Music

Currently the biggest band in Pakistani pop Faisal and Bilal – the band duo – at churning out good music. That’s what the music of the Pakistani band Strings is all about Currently the biggest band in Pakistani pop, Strings has had a tumultuous history of disbanding and then reuniting. … Read more

Stringing their way to success

As a six- year-old I could hardly understand music. But there was one tune, which I still remember humming in my class when I was in grade one. The song had a distinctly catchy tune and had taken the Pakistani Pop scene by storm. It started off as Sar kiye … Read more

‘Spiderman 2’: Sonudtrack by “Strings”

A composition by the Pakistani band Strings will feature on the soundtrack of the Hollywood film “Spiderman 2”. “Earlier this year, Sony Pictures got in touch with us and said they wanted to include one of our Urdu songs,” band member Faisal Kapadia told IANS. “This happened when we had … Read more