Rock Bands Rock the Capital

Islamabad got a good healthy dose of rock as Entity Paradigm, Jal, Call and many other bands performed on 13th march 2004 at the opening of the Open Air Theater in the scenic “Shakarpariyan”. The event was organized by Dream Weaver Productions (known for the highly acclaimed murder mystery musical … Read more

Concert: Jal, Call, Visaal unplugged

jB Productions presents, M:fesT’04.. featuring.. Jal (live question n answer session with them) , Call, Visaal, Dye Corduroy and ‘special’ appearences n performances by some celebrities. all live n unplugged [venue] SilverStar, Fortress. [date] 30th July,2004 [time] 7 pm * ticket also includes a free Bowling game. One per person. … Read more