Meal Plans to Lose Weight

Smell these foods for weight loss

There’s no doubting the powerful role smell can play in stimulating a craving—freshly baked apple pie, anyone? But here’s some surprising good news: Smelling certain scents can also help you with weight loss. Extra Virgin Olive Oil A new study from the German Research Center for Food Chemistry found that even … Read more

Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer fighting foods

A slew of research suggests that eating a nutritious diet rich in cancer-fighting fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices could be key to keeping the disease at bay. Luckily most of the best cancer-fighting foods are easily found in your local supermarket’s produce aisle. Here’s a grocery list to get you started: Cabbage, … Read more

How To Treat And Combat Wrinkles

How To Treat And Combat Wrinkles

Everyone wants to look young and pleasing forever and ever. Nevertheless, many-a-times, this dream is shattered by the occurrence of wrinkles. The onset of wrinkles is natural in aging skin, but today, they are not limited to aging skin only. Rather, wrinkles appear in younger skin too, for one or … Read more