TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Launch Event in Karachi

Hair meet wardrobe is a philosophy born from a devout love of hair and fashion and the belief that style shouldn’t just be about the clothes you wear — but the entire look from head to toe & the attitude that goes with it. TONI&GUY HMW is a premium hair … Read more

Straighten Hair Like a Pro

Follow these steps for sleek, smooth locks.
Products Required for Straightening Hair

Blow dryer: ionic and/or ceramic is best to reduce dry time and damage. Recommended product: Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry v.1

Comb: professional combs have no seams that tend to break hair. Recommended product: CERAM-ION Wide Tooth Rat Tail Ionic Comb

Styling product and Thermal Protectant: high hold and protection from high

Sunsilk Co-creation Hair Shine Expert Jamal Hammadi

In the new “Co-created” Sunsilk cmapaign, worlds renowned hair experts have collabrated with the brand. The first in line is the LA-based Jamal Hammadi, who is famous for his charismatic work for international haute couture houses such as Chanel, Dior, Gaultier and Galliano. The Paris-born hairdresser began styling in the … Read more

Face Off with Adnan Siddiqui

Actors bring to mind a degenerate breed, who can do anything that shock you. Because everything about their lifestyle is meant to be shocking, so you kind of get blasé and immunized about it all. But meeting Adnan Siddiqui is like a collapse of all these illusions and preconceived notions … Read more

Being Nabila

Nabila talks in headlines. Most of her talk revolves around Nabila the person, Nabila the professional and Nabila the phenomenon. If at all she ever talks about anything other than Nabila, then it is almost always how Nabila views the world around her. No wonder the media loves her to … Read more