Cultural festival: Lok Mela showcases true culture of Punjab

Cultural festival: Lok Mela showcases true culture of Punjab

The ongoing folk festival at Lok Virsa is receiving a great response from the residents of the capital city where hundreds of people have flocked in to enjoy their taste of traditional arts and handicrafts. The 10-day-long “Lok Mela” features attractions from several craftsmen, folk artists, rural musicians and dance … Read more


Das Kulcha- Typical Lahori Breakfast Treat

The city of Lahore, along with its ancient traditions and culture, is also known for its mouth-watering cuisine which predates even the British Raj. But Partition, apart from tearing apart Lahoris, also affected the city’s cuisine. For example, the traditional das kulcha, which existed in the Mughal era, gradually faded … Read more

Cut The Heat with Traditional Lassi

Pakistani cuisine is as diverse as its people. Among the drinks or beverages consumed in Pakistan, lassi, is quite popular. It is a traditional Pakistani dairy beverage, originally from Punjab. On a hot sunny day it is only natural to quench one’s thirst with a tall glass of Lassi. Traditional … Read more