Healthy Nutrition for Child

Nutrition and child development are two terms that often go hand in hand. The more nutritious diet your child consumes, the healthier your child would be. The nutrition requirement of a child differs from that of an adult, because the child witnesses the phase of growth. It is owing to … Read more

What Parents Need to Know When Selecting a Day Care

What Parents Need to Know When Selecting a Day Care

Hamann, director of Lilypad Learning Center in Collinsville, Illinois, and mother of three, decided to open her own center after hearing numerous horror stories. One mother told her that a center wasn’t feeding her child adequate portions. Still another complained of irregular diaper changes, Hamann recalled. But child care outside … Read more

Top 10 bedtime stories

Top 10 children’s bedtime stories

The findings also revealed children’s favorite stories and surprisingly, the popular Harry Potter books trailed behind in eighth place, with classic tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Winnie the Pooh beating JK Rowling’s magical Potter series to the top spot. Children’s top 10 favorite stories: 1. Goldilocks and the … Read more