Bridezilla, no more

Tehxeeb Bridal Studio in Lahore

Bridezilla, no moreShopping for the big day can be quite stressful for women. From designing the intricate jora, selecting the ornate jewelry to finding the right makeup artist, the to-do list can become very overwhelming. Now Tehxeeb bridal studio in Lahore helps out. Founders Ana Ali and Fariha Faraz have provided a one-stop shop meticulously catering to all the needs for the wedding day.

Tehxeeb has managed to secure 53 brands under one roof; not just clothes, makeup and photography, but also jewellery, lingerie, cards, chocolates and decorative furniture, bed linen and perfumes.

The store was initially conceptualized by design house Lajwanti’s couple Ana and Syed Afzal Ali. “This has been our dream project every since we started Lajwanti and it took off in a big way,” speaks Ana Ali enthusiastically. “Marriage is stressful on so many levels and getting things organized from different places was becoming a chore. The whole purpose of Tehxeeb is to make a bride feel comforted from the moment she walks in.”

Something as notoriously difficult to procure as chic lingerie is also available at the place — the brand Ceduce Lingerie in fact occupies a sizable section in one corner of the studio.

“There was no one stop shop for brides in Pakistan and we are hoping that with Tehxeeb brides, particularly those that come from abroad are able to shop hassle free,” said Ali.

Tehxeeb serves as an avenue for covetable wedding day services, can be found in Karachi but were hitherto non-existent in Lahore. Brand names like Frieha Altaf’s Catwalk and Rukhsati and the hugely popular Sab’s salon have been attracting customers in hordes in the country’s cultural capital. But with Tehxeeb in town, brides in Lahore can now also look forward to this holistic experience of preparing for their nuptials.

Ali promises that even designers Umar Sayeed and Rizwan Beyg will start stocking their clothes at Tehxeeb. Hamza Tarar’s designer furniture and cards and chocolates from NN Chocolatier are already available at the store. The shop also has special consultation rooms for designers to meet their clients and counsel them on their choices.


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