Thai Mango salad

Thai Mango Salad- Yum Mamuang

Recipe Type: Side

Cuisine: Thai

Prep time:

Total time:

Serves: 2

With the crunchiness of peanuts and freshness of mint, this Thai salad is served on a bed of lettuce.


  • 200 grams raw mango, peeled and grated
  • 30 grams onion, sliced
  • 5 grams chopped red chilli
  • 30 grams mint
  • 50 grams lettuce
  • 15 grams peanuts, roasted
  • 15 grams palm sugar
  • 10 ml light soya sauce


  1. Toss mint, red chilli, palm sugar and light soya sauce with the raw mangoes and onions.
  2. Top it with roasted peanuts and serve it on a bed of lettuce.



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