The art of arching your eyebrows

The art of arching your eyebrows

The art of arching your eyebrowsThe answer is very simple: by “sculpturing” your eyebrows according to the shape of your face. Very few women master this art, unfortunately, and it is on this that the expression of your cheeks depends on. There is no doubt that you were shocked to see persons that insisted in keeping thick eyebrows on a childish face, or, on the contrary, those who have extremely thin eyebrows on rather round and chubby faces. Mostly, beauty lies in small details, which are very well known by TV stars, for example, and of course, they are being helped by stylists. Here’s why we chose them as models for the lesson that follows.

Long face = nor thick, neither thin eyebrows

This kind of eyebrows, just like Nicole Kidman’s, which go up a little in the exterior end, with a point on the temple’s side of the iris, and then go down, catch the attention on the sides of the face, broadening the features.

How to do it: the act of tweezing begins in the inferior part of the eyebrow, above the iris, and it ends in the exterior corner of the eye. If the hair in the eyebrows do not have a regular growth, you can correct them, by using a special eyebrow pencil.

Round and chubby face = thick eyebrows

Thick eyebrows (which does not mean messy ones) give a lengthening sensation to a broadened face, emphasizing the optical effect of a slimming face. The notorious Oprah Winfrey (the U.S queen of TV shows) masters perfectly the art of eyebrows.

How to do it: only the rebel hair is being tweezed, that which does not fit the natural shape of the eyebrow. For a neatened effect, use some colorless hair gel.

Square face = thin eyebrows

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