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The Best Makeup for Oily Skin

oily skin makeupFor those with oily skin, makeup can be the absolute bane of their existence. Oily skin means difficulties when applying makeup. Oily skin means that the makeup you bothered to apply in the morning may not stay on past lunchtime! Oily skin means that your skin breaks out easily and the makeup you so desperately need to cover up the blemishes does nothing but slough off of your face.

Oily skin does not mean that you cannot wear makeup; it takes a bit of research and test trials to find what will work for your skin. Listed below are some key things on how to choose the best makeup for oily skin so that you can still look and feel your best.

Choosing the “right” foundation for oily skin can most certainly be the most difficult sort of makeup to find out of them all. First and foremost, when looking for the best foundation makeup for oily skin, opt for those that are water-based. Water-based foundations will not block your pores, which in turn will not cause acne outbreaks and blemishes.
Don’t think that because a foundation is water-based that it provides any less coverage than an oil-based foundation. Water-based foundations come in several different sorts of coverage levels, from sheer to full.

The drawback to having a water-based foundation is that it will last far less long than any oil-based products. Depending on how oily your skin is, the foundation may last any where from 2-6 hours. To help extend the life of your coverage, use powder to set the foundation and follow up with powder and concealer later on through the day.
TIP: Apply a primer before you put on foundation in the morning to help keep it in place.

As most people with oily skin will tell you, they certainly have their “battle scars” from past acne outbreaks and other blemishes that they would love to cover up. When looking for a good quality concealer for oily skin, aim for one that is “non-comedogenic”. Any “oil free” or “oil controlling” concealers are a great choice and will stay on your face for longer.
Anyone who is looking for makeup for oily skin will tell you just how important a quality powder is for his or her skin. When seeking out a powder, you want two things:

1) A powder that will set your makeup so that it lasts longer; and
2) A powder that will offers “shine”/oil control
One of the hottest choices for powder on the market for those with oily skin is mineral based powder. These help control shine and won’t clog your pores, as several other more conventional powders on the market will.

Extra Tips
Controlling your oily skin also means keeping your makeup brushes very clean (which will prevent the growth of bacteria which can cause acne) and also keeping your makeup products fresh. Be sure to toss out any makeup that has gone past its expiry date


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  1. What a wonderful post, especially considering that I have oily skin!! Do you have any special recommendations for oily + ultra sensitive skin?

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