The Designers Sonar charms Karachi

The Designers Sonar charms Karachi

The Designers Sonar charms Karachi If Mughal King Akbar’s wife Jodha Bai had been alive, she would’ve been delighted over the Mughal-inspired designer jewellery line launched at The Designers in Karachi. Sonar is a project run by Hamna Amir and Syma Raza, two names who have been long been associated with the fashion designing world. In the summer of 2009, they launched their jewellery brand Sonar at La’telier in Islamabad and then displayed their creations at Tehzeeb in Lahore.

Now, their traditional Jodha maalas and rings showcased in Karachi, are clearly an ode to the Mughal period, with some intricate pieces taking inspiration from the Ottoman era and the Egyptian style. All the pieces are contemporary looking with a traditional twist.

While speaking to The Express Tribune, Amir claims, “We are, by profession, fashion designers but on our client’s insistence, we introduced a jewellery line.” The duo reveals that they have their presence at eight other places in the world including Studio8 in Dubai. Amir says, “Karachi is our last stop for this year.”

Starting off intially with 24-carat gold plated pieces, the designers introduced pieces in real gold. They also combine platinum, brass, silver and semi-precious stones in some of their designs. While Amir loves toying with sapphires, Raza’s passion lies with the turquoise stone.

With prices ranging from Rs6,500 to Rs12,000 for rings, Rs6,500 to Rs18,000 for earrings and Rs45,000 to Rs95,000 for a gold plated or silver bridal set, Amir reveals, “these pieces are catered for everyone − from young teenagers to old grandmothers”. Raza adds, “Our designs are for every occasion.”


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