The Hottest Makeup Techniques from Head to Toe

The Hottest Makeup Techniques from Head to Toe

The Hottest Makeup Techniques from Head to ToeMakeup is fun, but makeup can also be hard to apply. If you find yourself wondering just how to apply a certain type of makeup, or you want to achieve a different look, then you have come to the right place! Check out the top makeup techniques below, from head to toe:

For your face, foundation should be used sparingly yet appropriately in areas where some additional coverage is required. For most women, foundation is needed for the chin area, the forehead, and the nose if it is a bit redder in tone than the rest of the face. Most women can eliminate using foundation on their cheeks all together.
When you apply foundation, if at all possible use a cosmetic sponge to ensure that the application is as “clean” as possible. Apply the foundation in long, sweeping motions to ensure that it is as well blended as possible.

No matter how oily or how dry your skin may be, both skin types require the same amount of powder upon application. Do not lay on a thick layer of powder; stick to light dustings and dust it on frequently if you have very oily skin, or do not reapply the powder at all if you have very dry skin.

Before you put on the lipstick, and before you put on the liner, it is imperative that your lips are healthy and happy. Make sure that you always apply a moisturizing lip balm to your lips at night and during the day if you are not wearing lipstick (or beneath your lipstick). Look for lip balms that are infused with natural oils, such as vitamin E and olive oil, and try to buy balms that contain an SPF of 30 or higher so that you are also receiving sun protection.

TIP: If you do find that your lips are a bit chapped and flaky but you are desperate to throw on some lipstick, try exfoliating your lips by gently rubbing a terry cloth towel or tooth brush over top of them.

The number one tool for eyes is not eye liner or eye shadow or even mascara; it’s cover up! Without having an even eye skin complexion, your eyes can look washed out or even downright sickly. Apply foundation to cover up any dark circles, inner eye circles, and to even out the skin tone on the lid (if you have fairer skin, there’s a good chance that your eyelids are “bluer” or a more “purple” shade than the rest of your skin).

For fingernails and toenails alike, the most important part about your nails is having them look clean and presentable. Even if you are in a huge rush, be sure that:
Your nails are even in length
Your nails are filed to a desired shape
Your nails are as clean and as white as they can be

To really whiten your nails (even if you have just removed some staining red nail polish) break out some lemon juice and rub it into your nail. Follow up with a thick and creamy cuticle cream.


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