The Road to Good Health

The Road to Good Health

The Road to Good HealthWe all want to be healthy, but we often think we don’t have time in our busy days to do all the things needed to be at our healthy best. The truth is that most of us do if we schedule our time wisely. A few minutes of exercise here, and there will make a world of difference in the fitness of the body. Healthy food is as easy to prepare as unhealthy food and it’s important for a lean healthy body.

There are many small things we can do for better health. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. These small steps can add up over the long haul to huge benefits. One of these is walking while talking on the telephone. If we walked every time we were on the phone it would add up to a firmer body and less calories. Walking 20 minutes burns 56 calories. It also helps keep you joints and muscles strong.

Make your exercise fun. It doesn’t have to be a long boring session at the gym. Put in a CD and dance to the music. Dancing leads to smooth supple muscles and gets your metabolism going. When you’re in the kitchen watching dinner, grab a couple of soup cans or detergent bottles and use them as weights. Take every opportunity to exercise as you go about your day and you wont need the gym.

Instead of eating large meals, eat small ones frequently. Have a light lunch and eat a handful of grapes or a peach a couple of hours later. Have a piece of fruit a couple of hours after a small breakfast. Those who eat two pieces of fruit every day maintain the proper weight better than those who eat less. Switch from white pasta to whole grain.

You might add half whole grain to the white if your family is picky, and gradually increase the amount of white. Use only heart healthy fat, olive oil and canola oil. Use sparingly, it’s still high in calories. Drink milk, especially if you are eating salty food. Milk zaps up the salt.1000 mg of salt leads to 1 percent bone loss in a year. To combat this get 4 servings of low or no fat dairy products a day.

You can improve your mood by being kind. Doing kindnesses to others will improve your self image and give you a feeling of worthiness. Get enough sleep. Without enough sleep the brain is unable to use the feel good chemical serotonin. About 7 or 8 hours sleep is enough for most adults. Chat is up with a good friend or neighbor. Optimism can be contagious. Happiness seems to spread among those who are closest.

Last but not least, have good sex. Intercourse releases the hormone oxytocin which revs up the feel-good body chemicals called endorphins. Indorphins can make you feel good, and if that isn’t enough, they can also reduce chronic pain.


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