Top Skin Beauty Tips

Top Skin Beauty Tips

Top Skin Beauty TipsNever mind it being the largest organ that we have; our skin is a reflection of our health and our vitality. Women continue to stress over the appearance of their skin, whether they are fighting blemishes, wrinkles, or liver spots. Though there is a wealth of treatments available to you to try and “cure” these issues, there are also some more natural ways to try and make your skin look more youthful and more beautiful than injections and laser treatments. We’ll start with the most obvious:

Drink Water
Though we all know that we should, most women are not getting enough water every single day. They say that you should get between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day – are you? Water helps keep our skin hydrated and refreshes our skin cells, which helps us ward off a number of different skin issues including pimples, wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin, and other signs of aging (such as liver spots). If you want to keep your skin looking good, drink more water and lay off of the caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

Exfoliate Often
The best way to get clear, clean skin is to exfoliate regularly with a quality exfoliating tool. This may come in the form of a cream or paste, or you can use an actual exfoliating brush.
You can make your very own homemade exfoliating product too from natural ingredients. Not only is this cost effective, but you are also using organic, fresh materials to help cleanse and soothe your skin. Most homemade scrubs involve sugar and other elements, such as honey.

Skip the Astringents
Why astringents are advertised so much is a mystery. The fact of the matter is that astringents are hardly necessary for most women out there, apart from those with very oily skin. If you have normal to dry skin, skip on the astringent. This will only dry your skin out more and even cause your face to produce more oil, potentially giving you oily skin that you never had previously.

TIP: If you have some patches of oily skin, use astringents only on that skin and not all over your entire face.

Go Natural
If you flip over any bottle of cleanser or moisturizer for our skin, you will notice that the ingredients are loaded with multi-syllable words that can leave one’s head reeling just trying to pronounce them. These sorts of ingredients are a clear indicator that the product you have on your hands is not natural and is loaded with chemicals. Most of the chemicals that are included in these types of products have not been extensively tested on humans, or tested at all, so you really are taking a gamble.

When at all possible, always choose products that are made from ingredients that you know and that you can read. Water, honey, olive oil and royal jelly are all examples of natural products that you know and can visualize. Dextra-hedro-illiate (not a real substance) is a substance all but few of us would be able to picture in our minds.


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