Sunscreen treatment with Watermelon

Treat Sunburn Skin with Watermelon

Sunscreen treatment with WatermelonHave a watermelon in the kitchen, not to eat, but to fulfil your beauty kit : Yes, and you read it, watermelon has excellent properties for skin care .
With a natural, affordable and accessible as watermelons, you can make your skin look perfect. This fruit contains a 93% water and a lot of vitamins, including vitamin A, B6 and C, which repair, moisturize and protect all skin types.

Watermelon to Treat Sunburn Skin

Have you spent more hours than they should in the sun? Well then, maybe your skin has become red due to inflammation. To soothe the burning, a cotton ball soaked in fresh watermelon juice in the areas burned by the sun.Expected to soothe your skin juice for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

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