Tweezer Tips For Teenagers

Every one of us is so concerned with our physical appearance; we make it to a point to always look good inside and out. Each one of us is giving more importance in enhancing and alleviating the essence of both inner and outer beauty that can still be boost.

The art of arching your eyebrowsOne of the most important or I should say the most cared about part in our face is our brows, we see to it that it is well trimmed and well organized, it makes our face the entire appearance of their face looks good, it modify our eyes that’s why most girls are having or spending a lot of time in terms of their brows. So here are some tips that you can use in order to have the perfect brow you want.

1. Prepare your skin before plucking by applying a warm towel on your eyelids. You may also tweeze after a shower when skin is supple and soft. Avoid applying lotion before tweezing. It will be hard to control a slick brow and you may end up removing more hairs than you intended because of clumping.

2. Tweeze in a natural daylight. It’s difficult to pluck stray hairs under artificial light.

3. Don’t stand too close to the mirror, or worse, use a magnifying mirror. You lose perspective and might tweeze too much.

4. Tweeze hair in the direction that they grow towards your ears. It’s also a good idea to tautly hold the skin rights above the brow as begin to tweeze, this will slightly reduce the pain of plucking.

5. Pause, step back and take a good look. That way you can gauge what needs to be done. Observe the lower part of the brow because sometimes all you need is to make it match the other one. Once brows are more balanced, you can decide if you want to go thinner.

6. Follow brows natural shape, taper gradually and while tweezing, always pause to assess your progress to avoid over-tweezing. Remember, quite while you’re ahead.

7. Maintain shape by grooming your brows every week.

Note: DON’T:

  • Over tweeze your brows.
  • Shave your brows.
  • Have your brows tattooed.

Simple as in may seem but it needs a lot of patience and time to do it, but at the end of the day doing so will give you a good and perfect brow that you ever wanted.


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