Home-Made Hair conditioner for Silky and Shinny Hairs

Use Hair Conditioner the Right Way

When it comes to basic rinse-out hair conditioners, how to use them seems simple enough: apply after shampooing, comb through if desired and rinse. Sure, this follows the directions on the back of the bottle, but Home-Made Hair conditioner for Silky and Shinny Hairsyou can still get the most out of your conditioner by using it as effectively as possible.

Apply to the Ends First

The ends of your hair are older than the hair at your roots. These ends require regular moisturizing to stay in tiptop shape. After you rinse your shampoo away, apply conditioner to your ends first. Make sure they’re saturated and slippery. Once that’s done, move on to the rest of your hair. If you ever have to make a choice because you’re running low on conditioner, apply it to the ends of your hair.

Don’t Bother with the Scalp

Hair conditioner is made for the hair. These products coat the hair shaft in order to make hair cuticles lie down. Coloring, relaxing and heat styling lift the scales on your cuticles, taking away sheen and smoothness. Conditioners work with the hair, not your scalp, so don’t waste your energy or precious pennies by applying these products to your scalp.


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