Versatile Haircut

Versatile HaircutHowever, there are so many hairstyles out there that we can pick and choose from, there are some haircut styles that may look good on some but not on others. A hairstyle we may like may not look good on us, and mainly because that haircut does not flatter the shape of our face.

A woman with a round face should wear her hair in such a way that it lessens the width of her face and should go for hairstyles that add length. In contrast, hairstyles that add length should be avoided by women with long faces, and these women should go for hairdos that add width to the face.

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But whatever the shape a womans face may have, there are indeed a few haircuts that would look good on her regardless. This all-around hairstyle is so simple and versatile that it would look good not just on any type of face, but also on any kind of occasion.

What are the elements of this all-around haircut that goes well with any shape of the face?
There are two elements to the all-around hairstyle.

The first element is layering. The layers of the hair should act as arrows that direct the eyes to whoever is looking at you to the best features of your face, such as the eyes, the lips or the cheekbones. So, the layers of your hair should be done to the front of the face, rather than in the back. However, avoid having your layers done too short; hair layers should not fall above the eye or above the earlobes.

The second element is length. Try to keep the length of your hair to just about your shoulders. Long hair that falls to the middle of the back and cut without any shape or layers should be left to teenage girls.

But if you want to wear your hair long, wear it with layers around your face. Also, have the length at the back cut to a round shape, or a V-shape. Long hair cut straight and without any shape can make a woman look either too old or too juvenile, but long hair that is done with layers and with the ends shaped at the back can make you look sophisticated and sexy.

The all-around haircut is perfect for any face, regardless of the shape. Why dont you try it and see for yourself?


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