What is the Best Makeup for Acne?

What is the Best Makeup for Acne

What is the Best Makeup for Acne?As anyone with acne prone skin will tell you, makeup certainly doesn’t help improve the quality of their skin. But as these same people will tell you, they need make up to help cover up those embarrassing never-ending blemishes that haunt them on a regular basis. For anyone who breaks out any time that they put on any sort of make up, this article is for you. You need not live with make up that will only cause you more grief; you can use make up products that will both conceal your acne and help prevent it from breaking out again.

What Makeup Products Should I Avoid?
Did you know that there is actually a term that is commonly used for people who break out when their cosmetics cause their acne? The term is “acne cosmetica”, and it affects more people than you may think.
So what should you avoid? Oily products, especially if you are applying them to where your acne breaks out (which tends to be in the T-zone, the forehead, nose and chin). Any makeup products with artificial ingredients (which are the vast majority on the market) should also be avoided as these artificial ingredients may be causing the skin irritation.

So What Makeup Can I Wear with Acne Prone Skin?
Look for products that are labeled as “non-comedogenic”. This means that the products are less likely to irritate your skin, and that they are less likely to clog your pores.

One of the best types of make up to use for those with acne prone skin are mineral cosmetics. Mineral makeup, at least the more pure types and brands (which will be a bit more expensive, but well worth the money) will provide full on coverage without clogging your pores. Mineral makeup is also made from natural ingredients, so it is far less likely that your skin will become irritated and break out.

TIP: There are a LOT of different mineral makeup brands out there. Apart from looking for the brands that offer the most natural ingredients, be sure to test out the different brands on your skin prior to buying them. No matter how much one person may swear by a particular brand, everyone’s skin is different and may react differently to the mineral makeup formulations.

Another great tip for those who have acne skin is to be sure that you thoroughly wash your makeup brushes regularly. Your eye shadow brush, blush brush, and your powder “poof” should be cleaned in a daily basis, either with a store-bought cleanser or with a homemade alternative (such as shampoo) and allowed to dry. If you do not clean your brushes regularly, harmful acne-causing bacteria will build up and will only worsen your acne woes.

What it comes down to is having you look and feel your best and being able to trust that your makeup will help you accomplish this. Remember to also check in with a dermatologist if you are really concerned about your acne. He or she will be able to give you further advice on what makeup will work for you, and may even be able to prescribe alternative treatments to get rid of your acne for good!


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