Heidi Klum’s ‘Kali’ costume drama enrages Indian-American leaders

The German celebrity and the supermodel, Heidi Klum has invited the displeasure of the Hindu leaders in America by dressing up as Hindu goddess Kali for a Halloween party. Her husband, singer Seal, dressed up as Indian mythical character, Angulimaal, at the party thrown in New York by Klum herself, and attended by many celebrities.

According to a website report, the leaders are demanding a public apology from Klum, for posing as a sacred figure in a party. Indian-American community leader Rajan Zed said: “Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effect.”

A self-proclaimed lover of Indian culture, the thirty-five-year-old model, visited India last year with her husband. She had even invited a Hindu priest from Varanasi to renew her marriage vows to her husband in a ceremony in Mexico in May.

At the annual bash, Klum told reporters that it was her secretary who had given her the idea of dressing up like “a scary Indian goddess”, by showing her a picture of goddess Kali, taken down from Google. Klum said: “I loved it because she’s so mean and killed all these different people and had fingers hanging off her and little shrunken heads everywhere.”

Unaware of the implications of her costume drama, Klum agreed to dress up as the deity, and sparked off the controversy.

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