Shilpa’s Christmas treat for boyfriend in London

Currently in London, Shilpa Shetty is enjoying the Christmas week. She is reveling in the Christmas presents that beau Raj has gifted her.

Shilpa says it’s amazing to be in Santa land and see the spirit with which all caste and creed celebrate Christmas in London. “I enjoy the trees beautifully lit up, hustle & bustle of last minute Christmas shopping, excitement & warmth on people’s faces” says the actress.

“We decorated the Christmas tree and placing our little gifts for every member of the family & friends at Raj’s beautiful country home… 25th December started with all of us opening our gifts (loved my gifts)… was so exciting… Then Shamita and I took over the kitchen like there was no tomorrow. Marks & Spencers food store is a scary place to be in pre-Christmas!! People shop like there’s no tomorrow and who says there is a credit crunch”, she informs.

The actress also cooked dinner for her beau and family that night. Shilpa says she loves cooking, “Luv cooking but (for 15 people) was backbreaking, but worth all the same when showered with huge compliments which we thoroughly lapped up.”

She goes on to add, “Dinner was a lavish (healthy), exotic spread… fruit punch, salmon & chicken appetisers with some dips, Golden Roasted Stuffed Turkey (it looked like a tandoori turkey by the time I was finished with it!!!), Yorkshire pudding, Mozzarella Salad, Roasted Parsnips Organic vegetables, corn pulao, brussel sprouts with roasted chestnuts… and finally topped it with a two layered chocolate cake and apple crumble with icecream and traditional mince pies with warm custard.

When asked how did Raj enjoy the cuisine that she spread for him, Shilpa laughs and says, “Raj nearly fainted with shock seeing the spread and I nearly collapsed with fatigue. But Christmas comes once a year!!! Also the family sat around the dining table and we did remember 26/11 and prayed for the departed souls before thanksgiving.”

From here, Shilpa will be heading for Spain where she plans to spend the New Year, and with beau Raj of course.

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