Veena in cross-border ‘shooting’ as a Mirasi Girl

Sukhwant Dhadda, known for directing Ek Chaddar Meli Si and making a documentary on Nihangs, with a commentary by Khushwant Singh, is now shooting across the border, with a Pakistani actress doing the lead role.

The film Pind di Kuri is a love story based on the life of a Mirasi family. The heroine is Veena Malik. The hero’s role will be played by Sarabjit Cheema, a known Punjabi folk singer. His songs are listed in the Punjabi folk songs syllabi in many countries.

“We are shooting in and around Rawalpindi. The songs for the film have been written by Khwaja Parvez and Sadiq of Pakistan. They would be sung by Sardool Sikander,” said Sukhwant.

Veena Malik, who is here with the film team for shooting, said: “Our films could not improve much as the infrastructure was not as developed as it is here.”

Asked why he had chosen to do a popular film based on the cliched love triangle, especially after having begun with a film based on the novel of Rajinder Singh Bedi, Sukhwant quipped: “Only this kind of stuff sells.”

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