Aaroh Disintegrated

It came like a bolt from the blue. Aaroh, one of the nation’s hottest bands has, for all intensive purposes, disintegrated. Apparently, founding members Kami and Nabeel have decided to carry on with the Aaroh name while lead vocalist Farook and Khaled have
parted ways with the alternative rock-pop outfit.

Naturally, both sides had different tales to tell, while Kami claiming “artisitc differences” as one of the main reasons behind the fissure, Farook insists that he and Khaled were kept in the dark about the band’s projects, including the signing of record deals in india and the US.

While Farook intends on pursuing a solo career, Kami and Nabeel have engaged the services of flautist-cum-classical vocalist Rahat Ali to fill in the vocals slot, but Kami insists the new singer will not be a full-fledged band member, but rather a permanent session player.

Once again, politics has won the day

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