Front Door Feng Shui

Front Door Feng Shui

Front Door Feng Shui

Increase your chances of bringing love and opportunities into your home with these fast, positive feng shui changes.

The area in front of the house and the door should be uncluttered.

This way, the energy isn’t blocked. Other good feng shui tips include keeping the door natural, or painting your door red (helps with abundance) or green (helps with money).

Hang a wind chime outside the front door.

You should also consider a bright, cheery welcome mat to increase the love your family and friends feel for you as they come in the house. Other feng shui tips include stringing up small lights to increase opportunities.

Clear any dead or dried plants from the door and doorway.

Healthy plants on either side of the door provide better feng shui.

If the front door looks straight through the house to the back door, block the view with a large plant or piece of furniture.

Otherwise, the chi may pass straight through.

The front hall should be appealing.

Keep the paint fresh and a fill a vase of fresh flowers near the door whenever possible. Green plants that thrive will add to natural feng shui. Good feng shui also suggests you use a statue near the door, preferably a character who will protect your house such as an angel or Buddha.

The path leading to the front door should be curved, never straight.

Positive energy can flow in, but negative energy cannot.


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