Beauty rituals for gorgeous skin

True beauty may come from the inside, but for beauty on the outside you do need to take care of your skin! If you want to look gorgeous, you have to take care of yourself every day and use the right products on your skin. Simple Beauty TipsHere are 5 basic beauty rituals everyone needs to follow.

Every day:

1/ Moisturize
Moisturizer hydrates your skin deep down and also protects it from elements such as cold and pollution. Moisturized skin equals soft, supple skin.

Did you know? Make-up stays on well-moisturised skin for longer.
Apply: To your face and neck in the morning, after cleansing. Massage in gently to help your skin absorb all that goodness.

2/ Remove your make-up!It’s vital you cleanse your skin every night to let it breathe and keep it fresh, soft and supple.

Did you know? You should use Make-up remover designed for your skin type, just as you use Make-up and Moisturizer for your skin type.
Apply: Morning and night, to purify your skin. Some removers rinse off and some can be removed with cotton wool. If your skin feels greasy after you’ve cleansed it, apply a toner to get rid of any excess remover.

3/ Care for your skin while you sleep

Use a night skincare formula that relaxes and repairs your skin’s epidermis while you sleep. The epidermis re-starts its natural process of cell regeneration at night, so give it a helping hand!
Apply: After cleansing your skin, massage in gently or dab on lightly.

Once a week:

4/ Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a beauty essential if you want healthy skin. It purifies the surface, eliminating dead cells that clog up your skin.When you exfoliate, you stimulate cell renewal and restore your skin’s tone and radiance.
exfoliate once or twice a week using an exfoliant on damp, cleansed skin in circular movements, paying particular attention to your forehead, chin and the sides of your nose – and don’t forget your neck! Rinse thoroughly.

5/ Use a face mask

Masks don’t just act on the top layer of the skin: they cleanse, purify, soften and comfort the skin, restoring it deep down and making it radiant. There are loads out there, so choose one for your different needs.You can get moisturizing  softening, soothing, astringent, anti-wrinkle and purifying masks, to name a few. Pop one on whenever your skin feels out of balance. Apply to cleansed, well exfoliated skin for the indicated length of time, and rinse with lukewarm water.


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