How to look photogenic on holiday

How to look photogenic on holiday

How to look photogenic on holiday

Impress in your holiday photo album with beauty advice from celebrity make-up artist KRISTINA THEODORIS and photography tips courtesy of Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Holiday beauty tips

1. When we get a tan it feels nicer to use less make-up, but to achieve a flawless base try using Get Even by Benefit. It’s a compact powder with a hint of color that really evens out the skin and used with a brush, not sponge, creates a lighter finish. I use this every day and apply a little more in the evening and always get asked what I use.

2. Hair gets majorly damaged in the sun. I NEVER give out this tip as it’s a secret to us long-hair people….But one of the best and most inexpensive treatments is Amla oil. You can buy this from any continental supermarket (your local Asian shop is the best) and costs a couple of pounds. For people with black hair you can buy one with henna which brings out a gorgeous rich color  Soak the Hair, plait, leave overnight and wash next day! You can even comb it through your Hair and leave it for the day while you sunbathe, as the sun will get the oils working more. It’s also great for Hair growth.

3. Relaxing by the pool we still want to look hot, so buy a great water proof mascara and layer it on so you can flutter away without it running in the pool. Also good for hay fever sufferers!

4. At night, to create sexy eyes with out piling it on, try just liquid black eye liner (as it lasts longer). If you have trouble, apply pencil liner first to give a guideline then follow with liquid on top. Try coming IN from the outer corner to the middle of the eye, then from the inner corner join up to the middle. Never go past your lashes as this will pull your eyes down, lift the edge of the line a little before the end and create a slanted triangle for cat like eyes.

5. False lashes are great, especially with the variety you can now get. Before gluing lashes on, measure against your own eye with the lash, using small scissors cut off usually 2/3 lashes at the end as this gives a better shape. Apply the glue directly onto the line of the lash and wait 60 seconds to go tacky. This is the key point for the lash to go on easier – if too wet, they won’t stick. Try using tweezers in the middle of the lash then place onto the lash line. DO NOT place directly on your own lashes, as when removing you’ll take your own off too!

6. A little shine on the cheekbone looks great when you’re glowing, but you don’t always need to use shimmer. Try using Vaseline or your lip balm, and once you’ve applied it to your lips, rub index fingers together and touch the top of your cheek bones to create a sexy dewy look.

7. Always keep your skin well moisturised. I accidently came across a fab idea, as without looking I applied Simple’s face moisturiser as a body cream. As it’s not too expensive it’s ok to apply tons and feel extra smooth. Also keeping it in the fridge gives your legs a kick when applying it and tightens the skin up!

8. Face and body foundation is great to mix in with body moisturiser if you want extra-flawless legs without looking like you’re wearing tights, and it gives fab coverage if you want to hide veins, bruises etc… I know I do!

9. Party eyes do catch up with us, so take eye drops to refresh and keep the whites looking healthy.

10. Adding a quick fix, I often use cream-based blushers as this keeps skin fresh looking, and you can also use it to add colour to the lips. 2 in 1!

Photography tips

1. Pay attention to your surroundings – a busy background is distracting, but a plain background can look boring.

2. The most flattering camera angle is to pose while looking slightly up at the camera. This eliminates any double chin fears!

3. Practise your pose and once you find your best side, don’t be afraid to use it! The more relaxed you feel, the better you will look too.

4. For outdoor pictures, avoid direct sunlight so that you don’t squint, unless you’re wearing sunnies.

5. For camera-friendly clothes, choose colors that work well with your skin tone. Wearing the same color also adds length, making you appear taller and thinner. Solid colors also look better than print. This season’s bright colors are great for showing off your tan.


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