Face Contouring Surgery

Face Contouring Surgery

Face Contouring SurgeryFace Contouring Surgery is also referred to as facial contour plastic surgery. This type of contouring uses various surgical techniques to make one’s face smaller, inevitably making its contour smoother. The shape and size of the facial bone or skeleton ultimately determines our facial appearance, and it is also an important factor in distinguishing one’s ethnicity.

Experts have concluded that a Caucasian face tends to be longer and narrower than that of Asians’. From an anterior view, however, the Asian face is wider and shorter. This can explain the surgical pattern of facial augmentation being more common in Western cultures while skeletal reduction is most often performed in Asian societies.

Parts of Face Contouring Surgery:

Face Contouring Surgery can be divided into three parts: the upper, middle and lower part. Surgery cannot be performed on the upper part, which is the forehead. The bone tissue and the manipulation of the curvature degree will be performed on the middle part of the face. The lower part of the face usually receives the most facial contour surgeries. The surgical operations on the lower part of the face have the most effect in reshaping the facial angle and shape.

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