Facts on Dry Hair

Facts on Dry Hair

Facts on Dry Hair 1. Damage Control

Once we damage our hair, there is little we can do to heal it, as hair isn’t comprised of living cells. Therefore, preventing damage is one of the best mechanisms to combating hair dryness. Protect your hair from the sun, as you would your skin, with a UV spray. If you color or perm your hair, leave it to the professionals to avoid damaging the hair with improper product applications. Rely on a good cut and hair accessories to create the style you want, rather than torturing your hair with curling irons and flat irons that produce temperatures suited for cooking food.

2. Moisturizing Shortcut

If you’re dealing with dry hair, you might devote an extra 10 minutes in the shower to massage conditioner through your hair from scalp to tips. It’s fine to pamper your hair this way occasionally, but you can afford to hit the snooze button on weekdays. Place a half-dollar sized dollop of conditioner on your palms, and apply to your crown. Let the pulsating water of your shower do the rest of the work for you, as the rinsing process carries the conditioner through your hair to the tips.

3. Dare to Go Shampoo-Free

You might cringe when you hear your grandma share stories about everyone getting their “Saturday night bath.” However, grandma may be on to something. Thousands of women with coarse, dry hair are uncovering rich, silky locks by forgoing shampoo. Engage in a three-day trial to see if shampoo-free is right for you. You must still use conditioner, and massage your scalp vigorously in the shower to remove dead skin cells. This program works best for women who use little or no product.

4. After the Shower

After going to great lengths to pamper their hair in the shower, some women proceed to punish it with harsh styling methods. If you shower at night, skip the hairdryer altogether. In the mornings, you must towel-dry your hair without scrubbing it. Use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. Use a quarter-sized dollop of styling cream to tame those wild little hairs on your crown that like to do their own thing. Dry on low heat with a diffuser, and finish with a glossing spray.

5. Coming Up Short

If all of your dry-hair care methods are coming up short, take a long look at your length. Jane Seymour carried off waist-length hair with panache, but few other mortals can wear such a long style without dealing with substantial frizz and breakage. You don’t have to sacrifice your years of growth for a chin-length bob. Most damage and breakage occurs in hair past the shoulders. Keeping your hair length moderate has the added advantage of making very young women look sophisticated, and making older women look youthful.


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