FALL ‘08 – The trends, the colors, the accessories, the prints this season

Add a touch of boho flair to any outfit with these super sexy, highly detailed, and very hip, Hip Belts! Beautiful polished wood, stone belts, thin patent leather or a western – inspired buckle. Perfect with jeans, baby doll tops, flowy bohemian skirts, even club wear and some dressier outfits!

You may think flowers are reserved only as a way to show congratulations or love. They may hold a special space in your closet and come out only when the sun is shining. Well, think again, because summer fashion trends were dominated by floral prints, and this upcoming fall season is no exception. Though the flowers won’t necessarily bloom as much anymore, they’ll still show up stores and on clothes also.

Keffiyeh or Yasser Arafat scarf looks best worn folded diagonally and tie back to front, creating a V-shape which all the coolest girls tucked their hair into. The keffiyeh is almost always of white cotton cloth, but many have a checkered pattern in red or black stitched into them.

Whether they are gold and glamorous, black and smart or colourful and funky, Clutches are an instant way to bring an evening outfit bang up to date. With the huge range of different styles and colours, Clutch bags are very versatile and can be teamed with any outfit. The only rule remember with this trend is the bigger the better.

Don’t be scared of yellow. It’s a common misapprehension that Asian women can’t wear bright colours. But the correct yellow tone can be flattering as well as chic.

Turns out there’s a new style of leggings that were once seen strutting down the London Fashion Week for fall 2008 and are now hitting the streets. Latex leggings are great for an over – the – top rocker look, as well as tamer more casual look. But remember they aren’t for everyone. If you wear them the wrong way you could end up looking like a bad Halloween costume, and no one wants to see you look like that.

Wedges are a must. They give petite woman a little more height – without suffering too!

Bangles have long been ruling the jewelry world, with many girls stacking them up their arms like armor season after season. This season, a new ruler is coming. Chunky, beaded statement necklaces are making their mark in the fashion world and are straining to reach the top of the jewelry hierarchy. Many designer embrace oversize, larger than life necklaces with clusters of glass, clumps of discs, and hammered squares are just a few of the combinations that have fashionistas around the world round sighing with desire.

For the first time in ages there’s a swing towards shorter looks. The trend for bobs will continue to gather momentum, but rather than 60s retro they are much more contemporary looking with graduation (longer through the front, shorter at the back), disconnected sections and colour placement with an abstract feel applied to emphasize shape.

Through day or night, winter or summer, Black is truly a season less color. It owes much of its success to its versatility this season, matching any complexion and the ability to be teamed with any color to give it a crisp, fresh feel.

Brighten up your world with neon nail polish! They were popular in the 80s and now, like so many fashion and beauty trends, they’ve come back for an encore presentation! Edgy, funky celebs like Rihanna are not afraid to show off this bold summer nail polish trend – and you shouldn’t be, either! With dark polish colors having taken hold for the past few months, it’s great to have shiny, happy, bright nail lacquers to pair with our warm weather fashions.

Part shoe and part boot; get seduced by this season’s sexiest picks. Ranging from sleek and chic styles, to retro trendy versions, booties are hot this season.

Slim leggings and straight leg jeans and pants are not going to disappear this season but make room in your closet for wide leg trousers because they are in full force for fall. Look for wide leg styles with clean lines in elegant tweed, sharp pinstripe, and sleek satin and pair them with a fitted, belted jacket or frilly lace or floral blouse.

Make a statement with a brooch! Yes, those things Granny used to wear on her outfits and that we all swore we’d never grace an outfit with. Like everything else we considered out two years ago, they are making a comeback! Found on jackets, shirts, hats, bags, even the odd shoe, they are major statements for lady like babes!

Don’t worry; this is one class that doesn’t involve studying. Geometric prints are very stylish for the upcoming season and will definitely get you noticed when walking through. From prints with a global feel, to artsy styles and bright colors to more neutral shades, these bold designs will take you to the top of the fashion class.

Make a statement “Red carpet style with shoulder-dusters – sto studded earrings. Note: never tea a large neckpiece with them.

This year it is all about vintage sunglasses and the classic retro look. The wayfarer has made a huge comeback and retro styling is hot. Browse through some of our carefully selected sunglasses to find the retro pair for you.

Art deco, graphic architectural lines and intense color inspired a dramatic eye, green sweeps or thick amethyst lines or deep blue. You can also use motifs of tribal art to create an unusual eye.

Try menswear. Wear a man’s shirt or jacket with a sexy feminine pencil skirt or on jeans or wide – legged trousers and always with high heels.

Black and white prints have longevity, never go wrong and work all day, all night! They help ensembles look crisp, modern and chic, yet bold. They can also be worn with plain black or with a brighter color. The key to this savvy style is to keep accenting jewelry to a minimum – a pair of diamond studs or perhaps a statement ring is all you really need.

Dramatic dark eyeliner, usually reserved for fall’s smoky eye, is perfectly in tune with this spring’s sexy, sophisticated makeup. Choose a soft pencil in brown or black, draw a bold line along both your upper and lower lash lines, and then smudge with a cotton swab or your fingertip for va-va-voom appeal.

The all-coordinated same-colored look may look great on your granny, because mixing matching is the theme for the season. Use your aesthetic sensibility and fine happy contrasts like white with gold, the structured with the flowing and more.

More is more this season when it comes to adoring your arms with jewelery _ chunky bangles and cuffs to be exact…. They were spotted runway this season in Maria B’s M Girl and making their way onto the wrists of major trendsetters. Metallic bangles and cuffs looks particularly luxe when stacked on top of each other. But one special piece does the trick just as well.

Lips drenched in red captures the alluring mood of the moment and makes you look both rebellious and supremely chic at the same time.

Headbands are back and back with a bang. Bright headbands help reduce the trauma of a bad hair day. Layer two of them in contrasting colours if you must!

Without a doubt. Purple is the shoe color of the season. What’s a nice about purple is that it’s much more wearable than some of the brights we last season, but it’s also one of those season –less colors. Style permitting, you can easily wear purple shoes year round.

Animal prints rock! A top or dress or a shirt can be teamed with denim or a neutral – colored shape. Make a haute statement with leopard skin – bag, belt or s hoes – faux of course.

Wear a voluminous silhouette (shape) like a bubble skirt or a fitted shape like a structured shirt.

Swap your light summer fragrance to something heavier. This immediately lifts you to a different mood.

Hair, when not center-parted or grungy, went chic and severe with chignons, knots and upsweeps. At Lux Style Fantasia show stylist Shahzad Raza called it the return of the super classic chignon.

With a nod to little Red Riding Hood, many designers incorporated hoods into their fall collections. Hoods appeared on both day and evening pieces, and on casual tops as well. Satin-lined and worn over the heads of models, these hoods (surprisingly) aren’t sloppy looking; instead, the hoods give each piece a uniquely casual touch.

The fringe is back and hotter than ever. The hippest ones are soft, but weighty. There’s a fringe to suit all of us, but if you have a small forehead don’t opt for the block variety. Broken up ones are really forgiving and flattering to most of us.


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