Gadar-Ek Prem Katha, one of a handful of Bollywood period films releasing this summer, tells the story of true love overcoming religious barriers.

SET during the 1947 Partition, one the most traumatic events in Indian history, the film tells the story of Tara Singh a Sikh truck driver (Sunny Deol) and Sakina, a Muslim college girl (Amisha Patel).

The couple meet and become friends, but the tragic circumstances of Partition result in Tara Singh’s family being massacred by Muslims and Sakina being separated from her family during the chaotic rush to flee to the newly formed Pakistan.

The pair form a relationship after Tara rescues Sakina from being attacked and murdered by Indian vigilantes hell bent on revenge. Seeking comfort in each other’s loss, Tara and Sakina marry despite objections from society and begin to rebuild their shattered lives.

Fate deals a cruel blow years after Partition when Sakina finds out her family (whom she presumed were murdered en route to Pakistan) are actually alive and well. Sakina’s father, played by veteran Amrish Puri, persuades Sakina to come to Pakistan and reunite with her family. However, his plans do not include Tara and their young son.

Is love strong enough to withstand religious differences and can the effects of Partition ever be overcome? Director Anil Sharma skilfully deals with these and other questions by portraying what is basically a human story set against a horrific backdrop.

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