Veena malik Dolly Bindra

Veena Malik Vs Dolly Bindra

Veena malik Dolly BindraThe controversy queen of Pakistani media, Veena Malik is in news all over again. In reply to Dolly Bindra’s fireworks while her visit to Pakistan, Veena Malik’s P.R Manager Sohail rashid has spoken up with a bundle of allegations and questions as reported by Tribune.

Dolly Bindra had not only accused Veena Malik of being involved in “immoral activities” in India but had also alleged that she was a part of an agenda by either India or Pakistan.

Veena’s Manager said that if Bindra doesn’t stop handing out such public statements, the Pakistani actor would be forced to file a case against her. “We have other means through which we can handle this case.”

The PR manager also blamed the entire Indian community over Bindra’s statements saying that India has always been hostile to its guests. “What kind of people are they? The Indians certainly don’t know how to show hospitality to their guests. Whereas, we in Pakistan, have always been respectful of our guests who have come from abroad.”

Citing examples, he said, “When Veena Malik went to India, Bal Thackeray stood up against her

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