Gettin’ jiggy with it

Jia AliFashion and grooming are booming industries these days not only in Pakistan but on an international scale, and both recently came together at a pool-side venue in Karachi to launch a new variant in a line of shampoo.

Designer Moazzam Abbasi and stylist Saima Rasheed joined forces to present the fashion show based on the theme of elegant, mysterious and funk, depicted by white, black and punk, respectively. What was different about the show was that Moazzam steered clear of his signature emroidered motifs for the outfits this time round and experimented more with western cuts and material. For her part Saima, toyed with her makeup palette and blowdryer to give the models a dramatic look. The end result was a fusing of both their efforts paraded on the ramp by the likes of Iraj, Rubab, Sunita Marshal, Gia Ali and others after the corporate bigwigs had made their respective addresses to launch the new Pantene line.-FQ

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