I’m incapable of any violence: Adnan Sami

MUMBAI: Singer Adnan Sami says his wife Sabah filing a police complaint against him for abuse is the “most humiliating moment” of his life and rubbishes her allegations as he is “incapable of any violence”.

“All I can say is this has been the most humiliating moment of my life. I know I’m being accused of violence. But the truth is I’m incapable of any violence. The cops were more amused than intimidating,” Adnan said.

A non-cognisable offence was registered against Adnan at the Oshiwara police station here in the wee hours of Friday after Sabah accused him of “mental and physical torture”. The Pakistani singer was then summoned to the police station and warned against misbehaving with his wife in future, a police official said.

According to a friend of Adnan, trouble has been brewing between the couple for sometime now.

“It started after Adnan’s reunion with son Azaan (from his previous marriage). When Azaan came over to spend a fortnight during Christmas with his father, Sabah left for her home in Dubai. She felt somewhat insecure about the presence of a son in her husband’s life. But Adnan has wholeheartedly accepted Sabah’s son Abdullah from her earlier marriage. And Adnan saw no reason why Sabah should have a problem accepting Azaan since he’s a mature and endearing boy,” the friend said on condition of anonymity.

Azaan reportedly even tried his best to win Sabah’s love. “Azaan accompanied Adnan for a concert in Dubai and there tried to win his mother over with flowers and chocolates. Sabah melted. But not for long.”

Real trouble began when Sabah returned to Mumbai and Adnan’s ailing father had to be hospitalised.

“Again Sabah felt neglected because Adnan was giving all his time to his father. Apparently when Adnan’s father was hospitalised she refused to let his mother stay in their house and insisted she check into a hotel. Adnan was distraught. When his mother heard this she said she’s stay in the hospital with her husband,” the friend said.

Matters apparently reached a head Thursday when Adnan’s father had to be discharged.

“Adnan insisted on bringing his parents home. But his wife would have none of it. This is strange considering Sabah’s Filipino female friend has been their house guest for sometime now.”

Sabah suddenly called the police home Thursday afternoon. “When they asked if he had caused any physical or verbal abuse she had no answer. On Thursday night-Friday morning at around 3 am Sabah again complained and Adnan had to go to the police station to explain himself,” the friend added.

Adnan’s father was rushed to hospital after he had a relapse of the cancer of his pancreas, Adnan had said earlier. The singer has been in and out of hospital for the past two weeks.

Asked about his father’s health now, he said: “By the grace of god my father has recovered…No one can stop me from bringing my parents home.”

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