Adnan Sami in saas-bahu trouble

She left him because she couldn’t bear to see him killing himself. He lost over 100 kg, and turned up at her doorstep a changed man. The reunion was tearful and joyous. And so Adnan Sami and Sabah would have lived happily ever after — but now they have fallen out, allegedly over her hostility towards his parents.

Sabah went to Oshiwara police on Friday, alleging that Sami had abused her and thrown her out. The singer was taken in for questioning, and he denied hitting her and said he still loves her. A source close to the family says that the trouble arose when Sami’s ailing, old father, who had been in ICU for some days, was being brought home.

The background: Sami owns two 1,200 sq ft homes in Mumbai’s posh Lokhandwala area, both with two guestrooms and a master bedroom. And Sabah, whose family is very wealthy, claims she paid for one. On the day his father was to come home, Sami asked Sabah to tell her friend, who was in one guest room, to go to the other flat, as his parents needed that room. Sabah refused, and was not happy about giving up the master bedroom either. The source says that even in the hospital, Sabah had behaved “strangely”, causing distress to Sami’s mother.

All this resulted in a furious row, which jeopardises Sami’s budding career as an actor, since Sabah was to be his producer.

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