Imran Qureshi – Where is the attitude?

When Imran Qureshi says that he is a graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design, you don’t believe him. For one thing, there is a startling lack of self-importance in the young designer (who should not be confused with the veteran choreographer of the same name). Friendly, and without any pretense, Imran is the favourite of many at the Asian Institute of Fashion Design and the Textile Institute of Pakistan, the two schools where he teaches. His unassuming nature is doubly perplexing when you consider that prior to his return to Pakistan a few months ago, he had spent four years abroad working with the prominent Dubai-based fashion forces Khalid Khalil and Scalini, and interning with the Lebanese Eli Saab, the designer whose flowers-in-tulle creation had precariously enveloped Halle Barry at the Oscars when she won best actress. It makes you wonder then: where is the attitude?

Secondly, his work is refreshingly original and at the same time decidedly wearable. Imran’s recently unveiled first casual wear collection (under his label, Red) took everyday staples and infused them with a whimsy that carried instant appeal for trend-seeking youth. His specialty is menswear, and his tours de force are jeans and pants. A casual sample: white trousers that had red and off-white straps decoratively buckling the thighs and calves; cream and sepia striped corduroys that were booty-slapped with brown leather pockets;

Corduroy pants that were patched together in a delightful melon and ivory yin-yang-esque style. What’s more, his clothes (such as the panel shirts) have the sort of impeccable fit that actually sculpts the silhouette. Each has the power to become the piece of the moment. And so you wonder: where is the uninspired monotony?

Imran’s personality and talent might belie his provenance, but there is no confusion about his future. His planned outlet on Zamzama should prepare for the style-hungry hordes.

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